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For a personal tour or tasting, make an appointment by phone, fax or e-mail.

Or simply click the appropriate button below to use our secure on-line request forms.

10 am until 3:00 pm - Daily
Please call for a reservation                          
This experience is approximately one hour.
8 guests maximum  -  $30 per guest
Complimentary for Premiere Crew Club members.

Enjoy a relaxing tasting experience as you sit on the Ladera terrace learning more about the Stotesbery family and the history behind Ladera. You will have the opportunity to taste through the current release wines from our Estate Vineyards all while overlooking the Ladera gardens and vineyards.

11 am and 2 pm - Daily
By Prior Appointment Only                          
This experience is approximately two hours.
8 guests maximum    -  $70 per person
Complimentary for Premiere Crew Members - up to 4 guests

For those looking for something truly special, the Estate Tour is an intimate and comprehensive experience of the Ladera story from soil to bottle. You will hear about Ladera's history of over 100 years in the making as you walk through the vineyards. Learn about our gravity flow winemaking techniques as you are invited inside the restored winery originally built in 1886. Experience the Ladera wine caves as you share the best from our Estate Vineyards in our private Great Room.

Please allow at least 24 hours notice when booking this tour.

Once each day at 10:30 am
By Prior Appointment Only  -                     
This experience is approximately an hour and a half.
8 guests maximum  -  $50 per person
Complimentary for Premiere Crew
      members-up to 4 guests

As Ladera rests high above the Napa Valley, this tour will take you below the grounds of the winery to be guided around the 18,000 feet of caves. You will be personally escorted through the caves, as you taste the acclaimed current wines that Ladera offers. Along the way you will learn about the art of barrel making, barrel toasting and cooperages. This tour will conclude with an exclusive taste of Ladera wine directly out of the barrel.

Please allow at least 24 hours notice when booking this tour.
You can Email us for an appointment at:

Directions to the winery available here.
Do NOT follow Mapquest or your GPS.

Call 707-965-2445 or Fax 707-965-2446

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